What is #WTF Australia?

What’s the Future, Australia? is a nationwide ideas competition focused on creating positive change. It's non-profit and not aligned. We’re asking Australians to get involved on four big topics. Topics go live progressively from 8 Oct. Entries close on 4 Nov. Voting closes on 11 Nov. #WTF Australia is brought to you by the creators of last year’s runaway success, My Big Idea. Submit an idea here or join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

How It Works

  1. Step 1: Learn & Ask

    Read information about the four topics and get expert answers to your questions every Monday in October

  2. Step 2: Discuss & Solve

    Join the conversation on social media and with your friends and family, and choose your challenge to solve

  3. Step 3: Craft, Vote & Win

    Submit your idea for a chance to win one of four $500 prizes and have your idea turned into reality - and vote for ideas you like

  4. Step 4: Stay Informed

    Get the key facts from the summary report of everything discussed during #WTF Australia

  5. Step 5: Watch Live

    Watch live as we run a roundtable for decision-makers to discuss your input and commit to act

  6. Step 6: Follow the Action

    Follow the progress as we help organisations incubate four of your solutions

Got a Question?

Ask an Expert!

Australia’s best experts on Housing Affordability are answering your questions all day next Monday. Get your questions in now via email, Twitter, Facebook, or SMS on 0488 805 605.

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Discover Ideas

  1. Australia's most energy efficient homes

    A big idea by: Olivia Lanchester

    Run an annual competition seeking Australia's net zero energy homes. Promote the prize winner(s) and ask them for best tips on energy efficiency, including the cost of solar technology and reduction of energy bills.

  2. Energy saving super heroes

    A big idea by: Kate Chaney

    A free service that visits your home, reviews your energy use and lifestyle and gives you the 10 best ways you can change your behaviour to reduce your energy use.

  3. Adopt a "Grandparent"

    A big idea by: Olivia Lanchester

    Link local childcare centres with local retirement villages. Set up a roster of volunteers from our older population to spend regular time with preschoolers, increasing one-on-one time for preschoolers. Benefits for all participants.

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Got an Idea to shape Australia's tomorrow?

Solve Challenges

Got an idea about reducing energy costs when prices keep going up? Or up-skilling workers when technology is threatening their jobs? Or making it possible to live closer to work? Or giving disadvantaged kids great childcare? Submit them here! Then follow progress on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! The four topics go live progressively from 8 Oct. Entries close on 4 Nov.Voting closes on 11 Nov.

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How To Get Involved

Want to get involved, but not sure where to start? Whether you're an organisation or an individual, there are many ways you can contribute to making #WTF Australia a great success. Click the button below to download some handy guides. And follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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