Australia’s best experts on each of the four topics answered your questions. We've published a selection of the questions and answers on the Discussions page. See the experts below.

These great experts sent out over 170 answers to your questions on one day. Thank you!

The Energy Crisis

  • David Blowers, Energy Fellow, Grattan Institute
  • Kellie Caught, Senior Advisor, Australian Council of Social Service
  • Aniruddha Chakraborty, Investment Director, Hastings Funds Management
  • Kieran Donoghue, Policy Director, Business Council of Australia
  • Ben Eade, Executive Director, Manufacturing Australia 
  • Kate Farrar, Senior Implementation Leader, McKinsey & Company
  • Joel Gibson, Campaign Director, One Big Switch
  • Hugh Saddler, Honorary Associate Professor, Crawford School of Public Policy
  • Petra Stock, Energy and Climate Solutions Analyst, Climate Council of Australia

These great experts sent out over 100 answers to your questions on one day. Thank you!

The Future of Work

  • Jarrod Ball, Executive Director Policy, Human Capital, Business Council of Australia
  • Nigel Dalton, Chief Inventor, REA Group
  • Maggie Hill, General Manager, Public Affairs and Marketing, Foundation for Young Australians
  • Robert Holt, Vice President, AT Kearney
  • Fiona McKenzie, Director of Strategy, Australian Futures Project
  • Jim Stanford, Economist and Director of the Centre for Future Work, The Australia Institute
  • Nathan Taylor, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

These great experts sent out over 80 answers to your questions on one day. Thank you!

Housing Affordability

  • David Briggs, Managing Director, Galaxy Research
  • Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist, REA Group
  • Michael Lennon, Managing Director, Housing Choices Australia
  • Chris Martin, Research Fellow Housing Policy and Practice, City Futures Research Centre UNSW
  • Ken Morrison, CEO, Property Council of Australia
  • Peter Phibbs, Head of Urban and Regional Planning and Policy, University of Sydney
  • Adrian Pisarski, Executive Officer, National Shelter

These great experts sent out almost 100 answers to your questions on one day. Thank you!

Thriving Kids

  • Stephen Bartos, CEO, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
  • Terese Edwards, CEO, National Council of Single Mothers and their Children
  • Stacey Fox, Manager, Strategy and Translation, Our Place
  • Stephanie Gotlib, CEO, Children and Young People with Disability Australia
  • Megan Keyes, Manager, Knowledge Translation, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
  • Sam Page, CEO, Early Childhood Australia
  • Yvonne Ries, Acting/National Social Policy Manager, Goodstart Early Learning
  • Megan Kirchner, Head, Tertiary Education, Business Council of Australia
  • Melissa Wilson, Editor,