And the winners are...

Thanks for taking part in our initiative! We've reached out to over 15 million Australians and asked for your ideas. Here are the winners and shortlisted ideas we hope will help shape the future of the country.

The Energy Crisis

The Future of Work

Housing Affordability

Thriving Kids


The Australian Futures Project conducted analysis to find out four topics Australians deeply care about. These are the four topics in #WTF Australia. For each topic, we've pulled together some great content to help you understand the key issues. There's an overarching Get to Know the Topic article by the Australian Futures Project. There's a summary of a national poll that Galaxy Research undertook and analysis by La Trobe University. Our other partners have written three background articles to give you different perspectives on each topic. Their views are their own, and the Australian Futures Project and the other #WTF Australia partners don't necessarily endorse that content. Finally, based on its research, the Australian Futures Project has identified three big challenges for you to solve under each of the four topics (so 12 challenges in total). These 12 challenges represent the true concerns of Australians, and your ideas are needed to resolve them.